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Alumni Inter-Greek Council

The AIGC was formed to foster the overall improvement of the Rensselaer Greek community and to enhance the welfare of Rensselaer and society.  The constitution and Relationship Statement between Rensselaer and Social Fraternities and Sororities form the framework of our operations.

Two positions of 3 year terms on the board were elected on April 21, 2018. Bob Eckart and Roger Mike will serve a term for 2018-2021.  Congratulations to Roger Grice (2017-2020) on being re-elected the President of the AIGC.   The other board officers David Goldschmidt (2016-2019), John Pfaff (2016-2019), Laurel White (2017-2020), and Jerry Witter (2017-2020).  A promotional flyer had been made to show what we're about and things we've accomplished the past few years.  We hope to work with the Greek Life Task Force and the Office of Greek Life Commons to update documents and programs.  Will will be soliticing your help for the various projects, including Relationship Statement Review and Renewal, Greek Life Commons Road Map, 5 Star Evaluation, Greek Leadership Summit.

Next elections will be in March 2019 for two, three year term positions after implemenation of the new Constitution election process for a rotating board, so if you are interested in helping out this year and/or running for the board, please contact Roger Grice.  The time commitment is one phone call each month, attendance at semesterly AIGC meetings, helping with programs like Greek 101, Student Orientation information sessions, Greek Leadership Summit, and other emergent items as they appear.

Use the Anchor Links to the right to easily navigate this page.  A new format for the AIGC website will be coming soon.

AIGC News and Notices 

November 2018 News

On November 3, 2018 we held our general AIGC meeting:

Summer and Fall 2018 News

Well a lot has happened (maybe) since June 9, 2018 when the Greek Life Task Force was announced. A few information links for you to get educated:

December 2017 News

The fall 2017 has come to a close and we arew preparing for the spring 2018 semester.  A ot of student experience thigns happened this fall with many tensions existing between the adminstration and the students and alumni - mainly over the control of the Student Union and First Amemendment rights and adherence to the Student Handbook.  this all while RPI kicked off the public phase of its capital campaign "Transformative Campaign for Global Change". Related to the annual doantions and the new campaign, the AIGC board has been working with Asst. VP Travis Apgar to get a higher recognition and actual radio button, like other CLASS and Student initiatives have on the donor pages, however we've yet to see it in place to support the currently quietly available "Greek Life Fund." When considering making a donation to RPI, please consider Greek Life and please look on Reddit and The Poly websites for the various news items about the recent student and alumni community unrest.

We will help host the renewed Chapter Advisor and House Corporation Workshops on January 20th from 9am-2pm in Mothers in the Student Union.  Plese go to this RSVP form to register (coming later). Here is an old ideas list for workshop topics that we are revisiting for the upcoming workshops, as many are timeless recurring issues the advisors and house corporations face while mentoring the undergraduates and maintaining the chapters and chapter houses. AIGC Workshop Ideas (circa 1995)

The next general AIGC Meeting will be held held April 21 at the Heffner Alumni House 9am-11am.  Elections for two spots on the Board of Directors will be held for the 3 year term.  Terms are up for Directors Bob Eckart and Roger Mike.  If you'd like to put your name in or nominate someone for these positions, let Jonathan "Jerry" Witter , AIGC Secretary know. Please plan to attend in any case as it is required by the Relationship Statement and 5 Star.  Minutes and Resource/Agenda guides of the last to meetings can be found here

For other Office of Greek Life Commons events and deadlines, please visit the OGLC Calendar that Assoc. Dean Meredith Bielaska is manageing.  If there are questions about OGCL please direct them to Meredith (bielam3@rpi.edu)

April 2017 News

The spring AIGC Meeting was be held held April 29 at the Heffner Alumni House 9am-11am.  The tentative agenda is here.  We will be having elections for 3 of the positions on the board of directors (3-year term for rotations on to the board each year).  If you'd like to put your name in or nominate someone for these positions, let Jonathan "Jerry" Witter , AIGC Secretary know. Please plan to attend in any case as it is required by the Relationship Statement and 5 Star.

There is a renewed interest in the Collegiate Housing and Infrastructure Act (CHIA).  The NIC is promoting Greeks to send letters to their Congresional Representatives and Senators to have them vote to adopt the bills (H.R 1200/S. 736).  Their website has an automated way to reach your delegates which can be found here.  As many groups have recently bought or renovated their chapter houses and others are in stages of renovation plans, this could help us with the ability of alumni donations to be used to help maintain and renovate our chapter houses.

The AIGC and RAA hosted a day of alumni workshops for Chapter Advisors and House Corporations.  This was a restart after many years of not having them - a requirement in the Relationship statement that RPI was supposed to be holding each semester.  It was well attended and good information was relayed by Associate Dean of Greek Life Commons Meredith Bielaska, Asst. VP of Student Life Travis Apgar, the Gneral Counsel Craig Cook, and the AIGC board.  The resource guide for the day and several of the related resource documents are provided in the bullet list below.

February 2017 News

The Greek Leadership Summit was held February 4th at the Heffner Alumni House.  112 undergraduate chapter leaders were in attendance.  General sessions and small and large breakout discussions were held with topics ranging from situational leadership styles, health of the RPI Greek system, goal setting for the chapter offices and for the IFC and Panehl councils.  The resource guide for the day is provided below. For the large breakout sessions, scribes took notes on flip charts they are also included below.

The Greek Leadership Summit 2017

Some other photos [GLS_2] [GLS_3] [GLS_6]

The AIGC and OGLC look forward to hosting the summit again next year either late in the fall or early spring.


October 2016 News

The Fall AIGC Meeting will be held held October 29 at the Heffner Alumni House 9am-11am.  There is a lot going on with having a new Associate Dean of Greek Life, several suspensions of  chapters for policy violations (alcohol and drug related), RPI refusing to release Studet Life Performance Plans (which that had done up until 2014 to inform stakeholders of the directions of the school with Res Life, Student Union, CLASS, Greek Life, etc.), RPI Administration declaring that juniors will not be allowed to live in Greek Houses during Summer Arch, and other student life and alumni affinity issues. Please contact Jonathan "Jerry" Witter if you would like to add other agenda items.


March 2016 News

The Fall AIGC Meeting was held held November 7 at the Heffner Alumni House 9am-11am.  We adopted the revisions to the constitution and will therefore hold elections for the revised election process during the April 2016 AIGC general meeting. Please contact Jonathan "Jerry" Witter if you would like to add other agenda items.

September 2015 News

The Fall AIGC Meeting will be held November 7 at the Heffner Alumni House 9am-11am.  We'll adopt the revisions to the constitution that we presented and discussed last April.  Other agenda items are welcome form the floor, but here is some information.  Please contact Jonathan "Jerry" Witter for other agenda items.

April 2015 News

The Spring AIGC Meeting was held April 25, 2015 at the Student Union 9am-12pm.  The minutes are provided below.  A new board of directors wa elected, with Eddie Chin  (Sigma Phi Epsilon), Bob Eckart (Sigma Chi), Roger Grice (Lambda Chi Alpha), Roger Mike (Delta Phi), and "Jerry" Witter (Sigma Alpha Epsilon) being re-elected and David Goldschmidt (Theta Xi) and Laurel White (Alpha Omega Epsilon) being newley elected.  The Greek Awards reception was held that afternoon at the Phi Sigma Kappa Chapter house.  


February 2015 News

The Greek Leadership Summit was held February 7, 2015 at the Heffner Alumni House from 9am-4pm.  The presentation and handout material is provided below.  If you'd like more information please contact Jonathan "Jerry" Witter.

  • Selfishness for Success and Campus Environment - Chuck Carletta, Secretary of the Institute and General Counsel
  • Bringing up to Speed on Title IX and Sexual Misconduct Prevention programs - Alex Blais, RPI Student Health Center Program Educator; Jerry Witter, AIGC
    • Handout: RPI Resources, "It's On Us" and Bystander Intervention Tips
    • It's On Us Public Service Announcement
  • Alcohol Skills Training Program - "Optimize Your Buzz" for harm reduction practices - Jerry Witter, AIGC
  • Creating and Sustaining Change in your chapters - Glenn Gross & Cameron Harris, Archer Center
    • Links to Lewis Model for Force Field analysis
    • Handout for Intervening and Holding Difficult conversations
    • Handout for Creating and Sustaining Change
  • Overall guiding Powerpoint that has some other resources


January 2015 News

The next event for the AIGC will be the Greek Leadership Summit to be held February 7, 2015 at the Heffner Alumni House from 9am-4pm.  Breakfast pastries and buffet lunch will be provided.  It is being cosponsered with the office of Greek Life Commons and the Alumni Greek Life Fund.  The themes will focus on practical tools sets for the officers to use for themselves and their executive councils and give information about current local campus issues.  The expectation is that the chapter president (or his/her designee), another officer or emergining leader, and the chapter advisor will attend. IF you'd like to help out with facilitation, please contact Jonathan "Jerry" Witter.

The areas we will cover will be:

  • Greek Life threats and opportunities for the RPI Campus - Chuck Carletta
  • Facts and Fiction on the Federal Clery Act, NY State "Yes Means Yes" laws, and RPI Sexual Misconduct Prevention policies
  • Breakout discussions on sexual misconduct prevention,situational awareness, and bystander intervention
  • Alcohol Skills Training Program - "Optimize Your Buzz" for harm reduction practices
  • Creating and Sustaining Change in your chapters
  • Breakout discussions on membership motivation, leadership team practices, setting and tracking meaningful goals
  • Debate on synergies or incrongruity of Greek Life with CLASS

November 2014 News

The Fall AIGC meeting was held November 1st.  See the following links for the meeting agenda guide and information discussed at the meeting.  The next meeting will be in April 2015. Elections will be held, so think about being on the Board.  Contact Riger Grice (rgrice@hvc.rr.com) if interested in being on the slate.


October 2014 News

The Fall AIGC meeting will be held November 1st.  Coffee and pastries starting at 8:30, meeting starts at 9:00am.  Meeting should be over before noon.  Agenda will include discussion about the following:

  • Transitioning Greek Life with the departure of VP of Student Life Dr. Sams (Oct 12) and the Associate Dean of Greek Life Commons Matt Hunt (Nov 1)
  • Reports of IFC, Panhel, AIGC officers and Dean Hunt
  • Recruit help for the AIGC to host the Greek Leadership Summit in February 2015
  • Recruit help for the 5STAR assessment and award process
  • Get thinking about candidates for the election of the AIGC Board of Directors


April 2014 News

The Spring AIGC meeting will be held April 26th.  Coffee and pastries starting at 8:30, meeting starts at 9:00am.  Meeting will be over by noon.  Some other events happening that day are the Phalanx inducation at 1pm and the Greek Awards of Excellence reception at 2pm.

  • Information for the Pro Formas & Bursar Billing will be coming out soon from OGLC

  • Relationship Statement is being reviewed for updates and approval.  A committee has been set up.  If anyone is interested in helping out with the revision markups before it is sent around for full review, let Roger Grice know. A report will be made at the AIG meeting for the milestone schedule for th enext few months

  • A "Raise (or Set?) the Bar" committee has been formed to help develop some "touchstones" for best practices and operations for chapters and the betterment of Greek Life at RPI. A report will be made at the AIGC meeting.  Aspects include
    • Faculty Advisor
    • Expansion Policy
    • Fiscal accountability and checks and balances
    • Continuance of Self-governance and chapter membership accountability from the Greek Leadeship Summit held in February.


January 2014 News

Some quick updates at the start of the Spring semester.

  • Greek Waivers for Sophomore Housing due Feb 5th - this is a month earlier than last year
  • Greek GPA and Membership Report for Fall 2013 is released
  • Greek Leadership Summit will be held Feb 8th at Sage Dining Hall.  Chapter Advisors, Chapter Presidents, and Standards Chairmen should attend.  Special keynote facilitiator Kim Novak will lead a day focused on individual, chapter, and community values and accountability.  Breakout and general sessions will discuss:
    • What expectatoins do we set for our members?
    • Do we role model this behavior as leaders?
    • Do we have agreed upon consequences for irresponsiblie behavior?
    • Can we address/identify preferred/positive behaviors instead of harping on the negative?
  • Relationship Statement Review and Update Committee formed at November AIGC meeting - contact Jerry Witter for information and to help out
  • "Raise the Bar" Task Force formed at November AIGC meeting - contact Roger Grice for information and to help out
  • Program to mentoring the IFC and Panhel Board officers envisioned at November AIGC meeting - contact Bob Eckart for information to help out


Fall news - AIGC Meeting to be held Saturday November 9

It is that time of the year again for the AIGC meeting.  Alumni representatives (and undergrads are welcome as well) from your chapters should plan to attend.  We will be meeting at the Heffner Alumni House and have coffee and refreshments starting at 9:30 am and start the meeting at 10 am.  The agenda includes short reports from various groups and then we'll spend some time discussing current affairs and setting content for upcoming activities.  The full agenda is posted here.  If you have any other new business to raise, plase contact Roger Grice so he can make time in the agenda.   

The agenda disucssion guide MS Powerpoint slide set can be found here

Fall news - August 20, 2013

Key Dates for the Fall Semester

  • August 27 - Welcome Back Meeting for Presidents and Advisors (DCC 337, 7pm)
  • August 28 - Meet the Greeks (Student Union McNeil Room, 5:30pm)
  • August 30 - IFC Rush/Recruitment Kickoff (behind Commons, 4pm)
  • September 3 & 9 - Social 101 (DCC 337, 8pm)
  • September 20 - Bid Committment Day (Union 3202 1-6pm)
  • September 25 - Greek 101 (DCC 308, 8pm)
  • October 4-6 - RPI Homecoming Weekend with Greek Chowder Fest (RSE, 6pm)
  • October 16 - Alcohol Skills Training Program [ASTP] (DCC 308, 7:30pm)
  • November 9 - AIGC Meeting (Heffner House) & Greek Hockey Night (Field House)
  • February 8, 2014 - Greek Leadership Summit and Big Red Freakout

Spring 2013 Grades and Membership numbers are available.  

The 20 year trend history of GPA and Membership numbers has been compiled.

For some fun trends of data reported by RPI in the Common Data Sets and the IRS 990 filings, check out this summary of the data

Welcome back for another academic year at the "Tute".

Spring news - May 5, 2013

Spring Semester AIGC Meeting, Saturday April 27th - 10 am

AIGC general meeting was held Saturday April 27 at the Heffner Alumni House. After some coffee and pastries starting at 9:30 am and the meeting started at 10:00.  See the minutes and presentations to see what we discussed.  Overall the update reports show things ae moving along fairly well.


Fall news - December 9, 2012

Fall Semester AIGC Meeting, Saturday Nov 10th - 9 am

AIGC general meeting was held Saturday November 10 at the Student Union Room 3202. After some coffee and pastries starting at 8:30 am and the meeting started at 9:00.  See the minutes and presentations to see what we discussed.  Overall the update reports show things ae moving along fairly well.  Hazing issues around the country - and on campus - have raised the interest level of the school administration.  

A survey has been created to get a more current list of contractors and handyman referrels for work around the chapter houses.  Please email "Jerry" Witter to get access to the google-doc survey and results spreadsheet.  

Fall news - August 25, 2012

Fall Semester AIGC Meeting, Saturday Nov 10th - 9 am

AIGC general meeting will be held Saturday November 10 at the Student Union Shellnut Gallery.  We'll have coffee and pastries starting at 8:30 am and the meeting will start at 9:00. Updates for the semester on the Greek Life Commons, Campus Alcohol Task Force, Relationship Statement Revision, etc. will be made.  This day is also the RPI v. Union Dutchman Shoes Football game, to which Greek Life is having a tailgate before the game in the E-Lot by the ECAV colossal stadium.

Greek Life Fall 2012 Caldendar

Here are a few of the upcoming events for the fall semester:

  • 8/28 - Presidents and Advisors Welcome Back Meeting - DCC 337 7:00-8:30
  • 8/29 - Meet the Greeks - Student Union McNeil Room 6:00-9:00pm
  • 8/31 - IFC Recruitment Carnival - Behind Commons 4:00-6:00pm
  • 9/1 - Greek BBQ - Behind Commons 12:00-2:00pm (IFC Rush begins after BBQ)
  • 9/4 - Social 101 First Session - DCC 324 8:00-10:00pm (SPAM and SEMM overview)
  • 9/12 - Social 101 Second Session - DCC 324 8:00-10:00pm
  • 9/10-17 - Chapter Housing Inspections by RPI EHS
  • 9/12-16 - Panhel Recruitment Period
  • 9/21 - End of IFC formal Rush, Bid Commitment Day - Student Union 12:00-5:00 pm
  • 9/26 - Greek 101 for new pledges - DCC 308 8:00-10:00pm
  • 10/5-7 - RPI Homecoming /Reunion Weekend - Greek ChowderFest 10/5 6:00pm
  • 10/10 - Alcohol Skills Training Program (ASTP) - DCC 308 7:30-10:00 pm
  • 11/10 - Fall 2012 AIGC Meeting - Student Union - 9:00-11:00am (coffee at 8:30am)
  • 11/10 - RPI v. Union Football Game Greek Tailgate - E Lot, ECAV 11:00 am
  • 11/27 - Greek LipSynch - DCC 337
  • 11/30 - Greek Hockey Night
  • 12/12-18 - Finals

Other Information

Spring 2012 Grade and Membership Report

Greek Awards of Excellence and 5STAR Accreditation (April 2012)

Revised 5 STAR Accreditation Application (April 2012)


Spring news - April 12, 2012

Spring Semester AIGC Meeting, Saturday April 28th - 10am

AIGC general meeting will be held Saturday April 28 at the Heffner Alumni House.  We'll have coffee and pastries starting at 9:30 am and the meeting will start at 10:00. Updates for the semester on the Greek Life Commons, Campus Alcohol Task Force, Lofts Standards, Relationship Statement Revision, etc. will be made.  

Greek Awards  Saturday April 28th - 2pm

RPI Greek Awards of Excellence reception will be held Saturday April 28 at the new Phi Sigma Kappa chapter house.   A list of the Award winners is posted here.

Volunteer Summit, Saturday April 14th

There will be a track for Greek alumni volunteers during the alumni volunteer summit.  Contact Matt Hunt or Geoff Seber for more information.  Or visit the summit website.

Fall Semester Grades Posted

Here is a summary of the grads for the Fall 2011 semester.  And an update of the history of grades and chapter size.

Fall news - October 28, 2011

Fall Semester AIGC Meeting, Saturday November 5th

AIGC general meeting will be held Saturday November 5 (not the 6th) at the Heffner Alumni House.  We'll have coffee and pastries starting at 9:30 am and the meeting will start at 10:00 am.  Agenda for the meeting will include:

  • Reports of IFC, Panhel, AIGC officers, and Associate Dean of Greek Life Commons
  • Meet and Greet report from new V.P. of Student Life, Dr. Timothy Sams
  • For Q&A, Invited attendance by Dean of Residence Life Todd Schill and Dean of Students Mark Smith

From the Office of Greek Life Commons

Associate Dean of Greek Life updated documents and posted them to the OGLC website area.  Committees continue to work on the Relationship Statement and review of 5 STAR and other Greek Life Commons activities.  Some things were updated and the process for the 5-STAR is new and erlier submission required

  • Social Event Management Manual
  • 2011-2012 5-STAR Standards Accreditation and Awards of Excellence
  • Greek Life Commons Manual
  • Safety, Sanitation and Fire Protection
    • Pre-Occupancy Audit Checklist
    • Waste Pickup Procedures
    • Fire and Life Safeety Inspection Form

DOSO Alert to Students on Step Up of Troy Police Enforcement - May 11, 2011

Dean of Students Mark Smith issued an alert to students about the Troy Polic Department stepping up its enforcement of quality of life issues in various neighborhoods.  They have initiated a Special Investigations Unit (SIU) Tip Line for residents to use to alert the police of issues.  The polics intend on taking an "active and pro-arrest attitude" to address issues of student misconduct.  This had been highlighted in the Troy Record and has been an issue iaround SUNY Albany as well.

RPI EHS provides the Fall 2011 Greek Housing Pre-Occupancy Inspection Schedule, a Preferred Vendors List, and announces meeting for bunk bed and loft standards - May 2, 2011

The Division of Human Resources and Environmental Health and Safety (HR&EHS) provided a preferred vendor list to help with contracting needs as a result of any findings from the Greek Housing inspections and for normal house corporation facility maintenance issues. This can be a great resource for fire alarms, kitchen hoods, boilers, electricians, and construction.  

They also provided the schedule for the Fall 2011 Greek Housing Pre-Occupancy Inspections. These inspections are part of the Greek Life Commons Agreement in order to be sure the houses are ready to accept the students coming back for their Work Weeks and he start tschool. Here is the email announcement from Matt Hunt and Todd Cashera.  

There is also a meeting scheduled to go over standards for bunk beds and lofts in bedrooms of the housings and dorms.  It is primarily concerned with NY State Fire Code section 903.3.3 with obstructions to sprinklers and chapters where an issue was identified. The meeting, as announced below, was originally scheduled for May 14th, but conflicts interferred.  Contact Todd Cashera for more information

During our Annual Fire Inspection with the New York State Office of Fire Prevention and Control (OFPC) of the Residence Halls this year, we came across a number of violations that will require Rensselaer to develop Bunk Bed and Loft Standards. Therefore Rensselaer’s Environmental Health and Safety Department would like to invite you to attend a meeting to discuss the implementation of the Bunk Bed and Loft Standards.  The Meeting will take place from 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm on Saturday, May 14, 2011, at the Student Union, Room 3202.

Environmental Health and Safety would like to partner with the Greek Housing Leadership to develop Bunk Beds and Lofts Standards for Rensselaer.  We are hoping that by working with you, this will enable Rensselaer to focus on specific standards that will support the safety and well being of all Students both on and off campus as well as to comply with State Regulations. We look forward to seeing you all there.

Todd Caschera
Associate EHS Specialist
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Phone (518) 276-2281
Fax (518) 276-6370
E-mail: cascht@rpi.edu

Greek Awards of Excellence - April 30, 2011

The 19th annual Greek Awards of Excellence cermonies were held April 30th.  Here are links to the presentation and a summary of the award winners. Congratualtions to the overall Chapters of the Year Lambda Chi Alpha and Alpha Phi and the 5 STAR chapters.

5 STAR Ratings: Alpha Epsilon Pi, Alpha Chi Rho, Chi Phi, Delta Phi, Delta Tau Delta, Lambda Chi Alpha, Phi Kappa Theta, Phi Mu Delta, Pi Kappa Alpha, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Sigma Chi, Theta Xi, Alpha Phi, Alpha Gamma Delta, Phi Gamma Delta Pi Beta Phi, Alpha Omega Epsilon, Sigma Delta

Also included with this year's ceremony was a brief memorial to members who were lost during the past year.  This included a video from RPI about Trustee and past NCAA president Myles Brand '64 (Alpha Epsilon Pi)

AIGC General Meeting - April 16, 2011

The spring AIGC general meeting was held Saturday, April 16 at the Heffner Alumni House.  The agenda included:

  • IFC, Panhel, AIGC officer reports
  • Report from Matt Hunt, Associate Dean of Office of Greek Life Commons
  • Elections of new Board of Directors - we had great interest this year for the board. The results gave a mix of old and new members. Congratulations
    • President: Roger Grice
    • Vice President: Roger Mike
    • Directors (vote for 5 positions, alphabetical order)
      • Eddie Chin
      • Ann Dodson
      • Amelia Folkins
      • Michael Lind
      • Jerry Witter
    • Recognizing other candidates who we hope will help in the coming months:
      • Brett Farbstein
      • Meghan Lenihan
      • James Turk
  • Greek Life Commons Vision Statement and "Manual"

Presentation Material from Greek Life Commons Workshop #3 (April 11, 2011)

On April 6, 2011 the third workshop on the Greek Life Commons (GLC) was held.  Associate Dean of the Greek Life Commons Matt Hunt facilitated the meeting with this presentation. The draft vision statement and ratification sheet is provided here.  The final vote on this vision statement at the meetings was 28 "Yes," 0 "No," 1 Abstention, and 7 absent chapters.  A summary of the future work effort will be presented again at the AIGC meeting.

Greek Life Commons Workshop #3 - April 6, 2011

On Wednesday Evening April 6, 2011 the third workshop on the Greek Life Commons (GLC) will be held in DCC 308 from 6:30pm-8:30pm.  The draft vision statement for the GLC will be presented, amended as needed, and then ratified.  A copy of the draft vision statement can be found here.  After this meeting there will be quite a bit of work for various teams to take for review of current consititution documents of the IFC, Panhel, AIGC, the 5-STAR, and the Relationship Statement.  Matt Hunt will discuss the scope of the effort and how the Greek Community will manage the continued evolution within the context of the Greek Life Commons. He provided a short summary when he sent the draft vision statement out with the meeting announcement.

Presentation Material from Greek Life Commons Workshop (Feb 23, 2011)

On Wednesday Evening February 23, 2011 the second workshop on the Greek Life Commons (GLC) was held in DCC-318.  Undergraduate and alumni delegates from all the fraternities and sororities were in attendance.  The workshop was an open forum town hall format to review the outcomes from the November 2010 brainstorm workshop.  It also provided the GLC definition process timeline to the next meeting April 6th in DCC-308.  In preparation for that meeting, Matt Hunt will be working with the IFC and Panhel Councils and the AIGC to develop the strategic plan/mission statement document for the Greek Life Commons.  This report will be ultimately presented to the RPI Administration with the intention of creating an updated Greek Life Commons Agreement.  After April, reviews and updates of the 5STAR and the Relationship Statement will occur to coordinate the evolutions of these Greek Life guidance documents within the context of Student Life Performance Plan, CLASS Initiative, and the Greek Life Commons.

Greek Leadership Summit (February 5, 2011)

The annual Greek Leadership Summit was held Saturday February 5, 2011.  Undergraduate delegates include the chapter presidents and risk manager/house managers.  Alumni advisors and AIGC members also were in attendance.  The schedule included several tracks and general session presentations.  Here is the scheduel and three of the presentations:

Information on Spring IFC Rush/Recruitment, Student Housing, Bursar Billing, and 5 STAR (January 2011)

Several emails were sent out with information related to logistics for membership and housing, and bursar billing.  Here is a summary of those items.

A note from Matt Hunt, Associate Dean of Greek Life Commons

Welcome back for the Spring 2011 Semester.  In a dedicated effort to provide improved service through the Bursar Billing process, we have revamped the disbursement schedule to the following:

Spring 2011

  • 1st day of class:  50% of billed revenue (Some groups may also have left over Fall 2010 balance included in their 1st disbursement and no list of outstanding balances for members available at that time)
  • March 1st:  All available revenue remaining/collected from members. (List of outstanding balances will be included)
  • April 1st: All or remaining revenue/collected from members. (List of outstanding balances will be included)
  • A 4th disbursement will be made as necessary for any chapters who still have outstanding member balances after April 1st.

Please note that this schedule pertains to the date to which the Greek Life Commons office processes the payment, there will be more time until the disbursement is processed through RPI Accounts payable, and depending on whether your chapter has direct deposit or not, it will take some time to get your chapter’s money to your account.

Table Note Sets from Greek Life Commons Workshop (Nov 30, 2010)

The staff of the Archer center have finished compiling and editing (spelling only!) the information captured by our student leaders at each of the tables.  This is a great amount of information for all of our organizations to review and consider for the Greek Life Commons as a whole, but also as a “bank of ideas” for all of our chapters individually. I will be working with this information, the feedback from the electronic survey of the event, great individual feedback I’ve received from students/alumni, and our Greek leaders to process everything as we continue to define our Greek Life Commons. Please share this information with the incoming officers, if your organization is in the process of turnover.  It is vitally important to pass on our collective knowledge to the next generation of RPI Greek Leadership.

Here are the working notes from the planning session:

Stay tuned for further information on our next Greek Life Commons community event.  The next major meeting will be in February 2011.

Fraternally, Matt Hunt

Minutes from November 6 AIGC General Meeting  (Nov 30, 2010)

The Fall 2010 general meeting of the AIGC was held November 6, 2010.  Agenda included introduction of Matt Hunt, Associate Dean of Greek Life Commons, reports from IFC and Panhel Councils, presentation about Order of Omega, and discussion on Bursar Billing experience for Fall 2010.  The minutes are included here.

New Dean of Greek Life Announced, Matt Hunt  (Sept 7, 2010)

In early September, the new Dean of Greek Life, Matt Hunt (huntm@rpi.edu) started in his office.  He is located in Hall Hall, Room 130.  Matt comes with experience working as an undergraduate fratnierty officeer, a staff member at his National headquarters, a speaker for CampusSpeak, and Greek Life advisor at Arizona State.  He has hit the pavement running and is learning the ropes and bringing new ideas to help the Greek Life Commons succeed and excell.  He's been meeting with many folks and is trying to re-establish communication and relations.  If you get the chance give him a call or drop an email to meet him.  

The Greek Life Commons workshop on Nov 6th has had a slight schedule change.  It will now begin at 11:30 am and end by 5:15pm.  This is a hands-on interactive workshop designed for representatives of the Greek community to come together to generate ideas and enhance RPI Greek Life.  Lunch will be served to the delegates as part of the programming.  If you haven't gotten your three delegates named to Matt, please let him know as soon as possible.  This is an important meeting to help lay the foundations of the workings and relations of Greek Life at RPI.

Next AIGC Meeting will be Nov 6, 2010  (Aug 14, 2010)

To accommodate with many busy weekends this fall, the fall AIGC general meeting will be held November 6th the morngin of the Greek Life Commons Workship.  Rather than competing with RPI Homecoming and Reunion weekend or an indeterminate "meet and greet" meeting with the new Greek Life Dean (yet to be announced, only 2 months late) we figured many of you might be the chapter's alumni delegate to the workshop and this would piggy back on a trip to Troy.  We'll discuss among other things: how well the bursar billing has gone given this first year of many chapters using it for the housing grants, rush results, and some last minute information on the Archer Center afternoon workshop.  Some other information updates:

Archer Center Sets Nov 6 for Greek Life Commons Workshop.  (May 10, 2010)

As a part of the Greek Life Commons initiative, The Office of the Vice President of Student Life would like to gather key stakeholders within the Rensselaer Greek Community to discuss the implementation of the Greek Life Commons.  With this in mind, The Archer Center for Student Leadership Development is organizing a series of planning workshops to take place during the Fall 2010 and Spring 2011 semesters for representatives of Rensselaer Greek Community to come together for the purpose of generating ideas and action items to be implemented for the Greek Life Commons.  These will be hands-on and interactive working sessions during which you as a participant will help to develop and design a foundation for the Greek Life Commons.   

The first of these planning workshops will be held on Saturday, November 6th, 2010 from 11:30pm to 5:00pm in the Russell Sage Banquet Room.   The Archer Center asks that you please hold this date.  Each chapter will have the opportunity of three delegates to participate.  The chapters need to provide the names and contact information for these delegates so that invitations can be sent out along with more information about the format for the afternoon. The best candidates would be strong upper class leaders who can be bridges to the future, rising leaders who will be around to do the work to initiate and maintain the actions items for the first years, and alumni who can bring their career and fraternal/sorority experiences to provide mentorship and continuity to the initiative.

Greek community input in this process is vital and Chapter participation in this initiative is valued.  Please direct any questions you may have to Matt Hunt (huntm@rpi.edu), the Dean of Greek Life or Linda McCloskey (teitel@rpi.edu) or James Reed (reedj6@rpi.edu) of the Archer Center for Student Leadership Development.

RPI provides bursar billing and collection agreement and pro forma spreadsheets for the 2010-2011 school year.  (March 1, 2010)

Dean of Students Mark Smith has provided documents to fill in in oroder to use the RPI Bursar for billing:

If a chapter is going to use the bursar for billing (required if members have a housing grant and living in the chapter house), the deadlines for completing the reviews and setting up the billing will be sometime in April.  Please contact Dean of Students Mark Smith about the details for completing.


RPI announces requirement for rising sophomores to submit petition to be released from the Residential Dorm Commons in order to live in Greek House (if that chapter has signed the GLCA). (February 19, 2010)

From Dean of Students Mark Smith to the Chapter Presidents:

Attached is the petition for release from Residential Commons Housing.  This document is required for each sophomore (Class 2013) that plans to live in your chapter house, 2010-2011 academic year.  Please copy and distribute to sophomore members who will live in the chapter effective next year.

Please note that the deadline to return the completed petition is no later than Friday, March 19, 2010.

If you have any questions or need clarification, please contact me at your convenience.

Thank you,  Mark Smith

RPI announces revision to the Housing Grant Policy as part of the Financial Aid program and and extension to sign the Greek Life Commons Agreement to close of business on February 24. (February 17, 2010)

Dean of Students Mark Smith communicated the revised policy for use of Housing Grants after reconsideration by the RPI administration of unintended consequences for their policy announced February 1, 2010.  Here is his email notice as well as the revised policy.  Contact Mark Smith if you have further questions of clarifications.

Bottom line news is:

  • Students with housing grants can continue to use them living in a Greek house if the chapter has signed the Greek Life Commons Agreement - covers up to the cost of the room and board for the year
  • The chapter mus participate in the Bursar Billing process to meet the financial aid reporting requirement for RPI and IRS - the same as last year.
  • The deadline for signing the Greek Life Commons Agreement is now the Close of Business February 24, 2010 - if it was signed before, there is no need to resubmit.

Successful Greek Leadership Summit (February 14, 2010)

Despite the weather causing travel issues for some facilitators, the Heffner House was full with chapter presidents and rising leaders for a day of workshops.  The IFC, Panhel, an dAIGC councils officers held separate track gearing toward strategies and actions.  The chapter officers focused on the Greek Life Commons, rush/recruitment strategies, and chapter management.   Key Note Speaker Dave Westol (Past Executive Director of Theta Chi National) facilitated the Council sessions and gave a rousing talk to the entire group on being active and engaged to "earn your badge every day."

RPI announces extension to sign the Greek Life Commons Agreement and the change in policy that housing grants can not be used for room and board in Greek houses. (February 1, 2010)

At the direction of V.P. Student Life Eddie Knowles,  Dean of Student Mark Smith made the announcement of the decision finalized over the winter break by new V.P. of Enrollment John Marthers, V.P. Administration Claude Rounds, and Knowles.  This was in the form of an email sent ot th eGreek community at 12:39 a.m. Monday February 1.  The text of that email is posted here.  chapter now have until February 15 to sign the Greel Life Commons Agreement for the Fall 2010 term to be eligible to house sophomores.

RPI completes information sessions about CLASS Greek Life Commons: Opportunity Proposition (December 21, 2009)

V.P. Eddie Knowles completed the last of a series of information meetings about the CLASS initiative and the Greek Life Commons component.  In November the undergradautes were informed and on December 19th and 21st, respresentatives of the alumni chapter advisors and house corporation were informed.  The presentation materail was not made available for distribution, though at the last meeting Knowles said the information could be posted to websites.  Dean of Student Mark Smith will be posting to the DOS website, but initial draft copies are provided here:

Of note, some material is not quite accurate.  In particular the referenced sections of the Relationship Statement for Attachment should be the January 2006 version currently in force (the January 2009 version can not be docketted yet due to a few missing ratification signatures) and the 5 STAR evaluation package was revise in the fall of 2009 by a team of undergraduates from the Panhel and IFC.  Also of note, there is no room for feedback or word changes to the agreement - despite assurances since Feb 2009 that collaborative efforts would be used, this was developed by Eddie Knowles at the cabinet level and signed off by President Jackson and the Board of Trustees at the end of October or early November.

Key items to note about the Greek Life Commons Agreement are:
  • The responsibilities of all parties to the Relationship Statement are still in force and the new Associate Dean of Greek Life (nationwide search in Spring 2010 and to start work in July 2010) will perform the minimum requirements for all Greeks in additional to the additional resources and programming for those Greek who sign on to be part of the Greek Life Commons.
  • To be eligible to house sophomores in the Greek chapter houses or to keep the special use space in the dorms and apartments, chapters must sign the Greek Life Commons Agreement (and now apparently by February 1, 2010)
  • Chapters who sign on to the Greek Life Commons are expected to participate in activities and programs developed as part of CLASS.  These programs may be invidually designed or geared to the entire community - with details meant to be developed collaboratively not forced by the new Dean of Greek Life and Office of Residence Life.
  • Some additional requirements for inspections on safety and sanitation as well as long term financial planning and facility maintence in order to remain part of the Greek Life Commons - logistics of this expanded set of requirements needs to be worked out.
  • A goal is to open new avenues for alumni giving to chapters and Greek Life programming, though this needs agreement from the Office of Institute Advancement.

RPI annouces changes to Residence Life Room Lottery Pick process to handle CLASS Sophomore Campus Housing Requirement(Dec 19, 2009)

V.P. of Student Life Eddie Knowles issued an email to the student body on Dcember 19, 2009 outlining the new process.  Major shifts in timing (February now to meet RPI administration budget meetings instead of the usual April) and dorm room availability has occurred (juniors and seniors not allowed in some dorms reserved now for sophomores).  At the time the room and board rates and the status of the housing grants as part of the financial aid packages had not been completed.  V.P Enrollment is to have an announcement around Janurary 15, 2010.   Check the Residence Life Website for more details.  

The major impact is that Fraternities and Sororities must sign the Greek Life Commons Agreement before February 1, 2009 in order to be eligible to have sophomores live in their chapter houses.

GPA and Memberhsip Numbers Report from Spring 2009

Here is the latest Spring 2009 DOSO report of Fraternity and Sorority GPA and Greek membership numbers (revised December 2009 is corrected roster information) and the nearly 2 decade history of grades and numbers for RPI students and Greeks.  

Awards of Excellance and 5-STAR Ratings for 2008-2009

Mark Smith presented the annual Awards of Excellence on April 25, 2009 and announced the 5-STAR ratings of the chapters for the 2008-2009 school year. Congratulations to these chapters who made the 5 Star rating:

  • Alpha Gamma Delta
  • Alpha Phi
  • Delta Phi
  • LambdaChi Alpha
  • Phi Gamma Delta
  • Phi Kappa Theta
  • Pi Beta Phi
  • Sigma Alpha Epsilon


Information about Bursar Billing and housing Grants - April 2009

Some updates to the information provided last fall on Bursar Billing was provided by Dean of Students Mark Smith. 

Eddie Chin has worked with RPI with some help from Omega Financial to create a process that would allow chapters to maintain their own billing for room and board and partner with RPI to meet the reporting requirements for the IRS and RPI for the crediting of the housing grant portion of fanancial aid packages.  Currently chapters must use the bursar to bill inorder for the accounting and crediting of student accounts to occur.  The proposal presentation from the April 2009 AIGC meeting and the detailed process is posted here for review.  Please contact Eddie Chin to provide your thoughts on this porgram.  We hope to have this approved for use for at least the Fall 2010 billing cycle (which begins Feb 2010) and would like feedback in May. 

With the arrival of yet another new V.P. at RPI (this time of Enrollment), the housing grant status and financial aid packages are being revisited.  Due to this the requirement to use Bursar billing may go away, but the program for bursar billing will remain in place as an option for chapters to take advantage of if they feel it helps with their financial operations and collections of chapter bills.


Greek Life Update Meeting - Student Life Reorganization: April 30, 2008

A meeting was held by VP Student Life Eddie Knowles and Dean of Students Mark Smith to continue the discussion on the reorganization of student life and incorporation of the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Affairs under a new VP office of Residence Life.  Read the meeting notes from Eddie Knowles and AIGC board members.  There will continuing meetings to help with the transition and development of new opportunities.  Greek Life is now under the office of Residence Life organization chart with the expansion of new dorm cluster deans and under the Dean of Students Office there are new class deans, and deans for international studies.  

Another news item related to Greek Life that lead up to this meeting was the Town Hall Discussion from March 17th by the Honorable, President Shirley Ann Jackson, Ph.D (watch the video stream and learn how to get her title respectfully correct). She discusses several aspects of future Student Life Initiatives.  Also at this meeting V.P. Student Life Eddie Knowles states that meetings with stakeholders were and are being held to collaboratively develop the participate of Greek Life in the CLASS initiative (but then the Greek Life Commons Agreement was created alone by the Administration)

5 Star Standards Accreditation/Awards of Excellence

Each year an annual audit and assessment is performed with a tool called the 5 STAR Standards. Contact DOSO/OFSA to find out more about the process schedule and the chapter advisor, chapter president, OFSA review meeting.  A guide to the application was developed to help chapters complete their package for the awards. Applications are typically due before March 1st.  This is being revised and the latest will be posted as soon as it is released.  In the meantime, here is a little history of the 5 Star Evaluation program and the Chapter ratings since 2009.

Awards of Excellence winners and 5 STAR standings for 2017 were announced at the annual reception in April 2017. For the Student Orientation Activities Fair, the AIGC made some posters and handouts celebrating the GPA, Membership size, and 5 Star Evaluation and Greek Awards. Check out this years awards recognitions and past 5 Star Evaulatuion results.  Congratulations to the Chapters rated with 5 Star Status for 2016 calendar year.

Annual Greek Leadership Summit

The AIGC helped begin sponsoring a leadership summit with OFSA in 2008 for the undergraduate chapter leaders and the IFC and Panhel Council officers.  In February 2009, we expanded it to include alumni chapter advisors.  The February 2010 summit focused on the transitioning to the Greek Life Commons as part of CLASS along with all the issues over room lottery, GLC agreement contracts, bursar billing, housing grants, and sophomores living in campus housing.  We've held summits each year, except 2016.  It includes workshops for continuing the development of the Greek Life Commons and chapter leaders. To gete an ideas of the topics we cover, please see the syllubuses from prior years


Annual Guide to Greek Life Program for Pledges/New Members

Each October after bids have been signed pledge edcuation programs have started, the AIGC sponsers the Guide to Greek Life program.  Topics include anit-hazing, study and time management skills, alcohol risk reduction, and the history of Fraternities and Sororites at R.P.I.  We hope to holding it agin in 2010, but we are struggling for a date and waiting for the new Dean of Greek Life to be appointed.  

Meanwhile, here are the presentations from October 2009:

Housing Topics

Ideas for Alumni Development for Greek Life with RPI

As an offshoot of a few years of thinking and this year's AIGC meeting in Oct and recent RAA board meeting, the ideas for broader alumni support for Greek Life and RPI student life and gained some momentum.  A comparison of RPI to cohort schools like Cornell and MIT shows we are woefully lacking in support for and donation avenues towards Greek life.  By working with the RPI Alumni Development Office we hope to begin to open up win-win situations for the school and students.  Check out the comparison to Cornell and MIT and write the school in support of such a program.  Even if you haven't given to the school and find that this might be a good way to give back to your alma mater, please solicit the school.  And don't forget you can earmark your donations to the "Office of Fraternity and Sorority Affairs" to help with their educational programming efforts and to offset their dismal $4,000 annual budget.

Housing Committee Tackles Contractors and Maintenance 

As an outcome of the Oct 2007 AIGC meeting, a small groups has been formed to look at house maintenace issues for the chapters.  Their first goal is to assembly a good list of contractors for work and services.  A second goal is to look at best practices and determine potential workshops that can share operations and solutions ideas.  A third goal is to investigate for the possibility of a form of property management consultant to be put on retainer by a consortia of chapters.  This person would help guide work and contractors as well as understand building code implicaitons.  Since many chapters are facing similar situations and problems with their houses, sharing information on contractors and helping in areas outside our usual expertise can help strengthen the Greek system over all.  Contacts for this group are Art Depoian (Acacia), Bob Miller (Delta Phi), Rick Kasold (Zeta Psi), Jim Hanley (Chi Phi), and Aren Paster (Tau Epsilon Phi).  Please send them contractor references and fill out the housing survey noted below.

New IRS Requirements for Filing the 990 Tax Form

The IRS has revised the reporting requirements for non-profits with the 990 Tax Forms. Groups that in the past did not have to report will have to at least file an electronic postcard.  Be sure to become aware of the new requirements by visiting www.irs.gov/charities/index.html

Survey of the Health of RPI Greek Housing Infrastructure

A survey is being performed (circa 2007 actually) to gain an understanding of the health of the operations and infrastructure of our chapter finances and operations.  Each semester OFSA compiles the Occupancy Report, but in the past there have been some hols in reporting and accuracy. MIT recently performed a similar assessment of the health of the system in order promote the system and determine how their endowment funds and programming could be more effective.  Best practices and areas for improvement will be compiled in aggregrate to demonstrate the kinds of programming and financial aspects that are represented by our communicty.  This may also help dispell some mis-information about the healt of the system.  The AIGC hopes to also use this as a way to update our contact database and begin again to maintain this for ourselves and also to update a contractor reference list for work on the facilities.

Please have your chapter advisor or house corporation take the time to fill in the survey (whose individual results will stay with the AIGC).  The aggregate results will be presented at the Greek Leadership Summit and next AIGC meeting.  The survey is a simple MS Excel spreadsheet with and example dataset included to aid in the completion.  The more groups that respond, the better the results.  Please read and share the promotional letter. Questions and the completed survey can be emailed to Jonathan "Jerry" Witter (1982).

Collegiate Houseing and Infrastructure Act - Fraternal Caucus

The Capital Fraternal Caucus is an PAC organization to help with Greek issues in Congress. Currently their efforts are focused on the Collegiate Housing and Infrastructure Act (H.R.1547|S.781).  Their website has several resources and a petition letter for you and one for the college presidents that the AIGC will work to have RPI sign on to like WPI and Clarkson already have in support of this bill.

Proposal for Green Greeks at RPI

Ben Hunt presented a proposal for "Green Greeks" to institute sustainability programs into the chapter operations.  They are group work with the IFC, Panhel, and Students Sustainabilitly Task Force on campus.  Their presentation and detailed project outline are included here:

Greek Initiatives

Ever since the dark day of April 12, 2006, the RPI Greek Life initiatives have continued poregressing with varying degrees of collaboration.  Please visit the pages dedicated to the initiatives for updates and history. Here are links to the RPI administration original presentation from April 2006 and a update report from July 2007 (but given to us in Febrary 2008)

2007 Alcohol Policy and Event Managment Manual

A new alcohol intiative team has been working since the middle of February on finalizing a new policy guide and programming to help affect cultural changes.  The new alcohol policy is being implemented the fall of 2007. An event management manual has been prepared to help with hosting events under the new alochol policy.  Please read the following documents for the specific information

Relationship Statement
The Relationship Statement establishes roles and responsibibilites for the alumni, undergraduate, and RPI as stakeholders in Greek Life at Rensselaer.  The most recent revision was adopted in January 2006. With the adoption of this document, it is now intended to have a bi-annual review to creat a more living document and to renew the values and expectations for all involed.  AIGC has worked to create several tools for chapters.  

October 2008 - A revision was worked on with a small team of OFSA and AIGC to update a few things and to incorporate the 5 STAR program, new policies, and student life reorganization.  A version for review is posted here along with a table summary of proposed changes.

December 2009 - Most signatures were received from DOSO in September 2009, however a few were misplaced and no signature from RPI Administration was received. Therefore the revision was not able to be docketed to become the official version of records.  Therefore the 2006 version is still the version in effect.  We hope to rectify and adopt the December 2008 version.  Otherwise those revisions will be kept and any new revision to accommodate the CLASS initiative and the Greek Life Commons will be worked in as new additions.

August 2010 - The Relationship Statement document and philosophy is in limbo awaiting the definition of the Greek Life Commons.  There is no support from RPI at this time and it may make sense to retire this concept and upate and fold it into the GLC.  Technically, however, all parties are still expected to meet the responsibilities of the 2006 version currently in force (though updates made for the December 2008 made sense as a result of outcomes of task force teams related to the ill-fated Greek Lifes Initiatives of April 2006)

The AIGC has worked to create several tools for chapters.  

The AIGC has worked with OFSA to create several training programs:

All of our chapters and the AIGC are always looking for alumni volunteers.  Whether it be financial, career networking, house corporations operations, or serving as the chapter advisor or part of a team of advisors.  The continuity and longevity of knowledge and ties to positive traditions are the things that alumni came give to their chapters to help them maintain or regain their excellence.  Please reach out to you chapter or if interested in helping the AIGC contact Jonathan "Jerry" Witter (1982) to get involved.  Check out the current officers of the AIGC to see what kinds of work we do.

Meeting Minutes
The minutes of past meetings can be accessed here

Useful Links
Here are some useful links for outside resources and ideas for programming and operationset.



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