Class Officers:


Joe Mansfield, President   :

Phone: 973-906-3047

E-mail address: jsn127@optonline.net


C.J. Nager, Vice President

Phone: 803-831-9995

E-mail address: kbncjn3@hotmail.com


Dick Dietzen, Secretary (Obtains Class Notes/Rensselaer Magazine and maintains the Class WebSite.  Secretary also accepts free phone calls with optional recording capability.)

Free phone: 1-800-880-8812  Fax messages can also be accepted if you announce your fax first.  Our Secretary does not have a dedicated fax line.  Note that faxes are not satisfactory for pictures.

E-mail address: richard@dietzen.com


Class of ‘52 Rensselaer Magazine Notes:


Class Notes will remain our best means of text communication with class members since the column reaches all class members via the quarterly Rensselaer Magazine.  Unfortunately the space available limits the amount of text and permits only occasional pictures.  Written accounts of past and present job experience, volunteer activities, travel that might be of interest to others, contact with other class members, etc. are most welcome.  Normal deadline dates for submission to RPI are the first of December, March, June and September.  Please be sure to allow time for the Secretary’s preparation and editing.


Class of ‘52 Web Site:


Our Web Site space is made available to us free by the RPI Alumni Association.  Many of you enjoyed the additional Class Reunion information available on the site.  In order to retain this privilege we must continue to use the site.  Our extended plan for the site as detailed below emphasizes use of pictures and related text of interest to Class Members.  Currently the amount of space available is unlimited.


When class members contribute their information to the site, a PAGE in their name will be reserved for them indefinitely. Their contributed entries will be entered chronologically on that PAGE.  All class members accessing the site will have access to PAGES arranged alphabetically by member last name.  As each member’s contributions accumulate they may be sorted by categories on the PAGE.  Categorization would be evidenced on the member index by the addition of a category abbreviation after the member’s name. The suffix abbreviation would serve as an additional way of alerting members to specific information that might be of interest to them.  Some of the possible categories are listed below with their single letter abbreviation or code.   All members who have established their PAGES will be listed alphabetically so that others can go directly to their PAGE using the appropriate name.


Web entries can be accepted as text only for the Web Site.  Emphasis, however, should be on pictures with a text explanation that identifies the people involved and what they are doing.  Date and location will also be helpful if significant. Information offerings should usually be limited to new items that have not been previously published.  An exception will be made for obituaries.


Pictures can be sent as 4 x 6 or similar size color prints.  Picture files sent as e-mail attachments are the much preferred option.  Please send all information offered to the Secretary by the methods outlined above.


For examples of completed individual’s Pages please refer to our Officer’s contributions located by their names.



Class mates—this is your web site